Thursday 30 January 2020

The Brexit Chart War

There's a movement among remainers to get Ode To Joy to number one in the charts for Brexit day. We know, even if successful, it won't change anything. Johnson isn't going to cancel Brexit because of this. (He totally should, nonetheless.)

So why is there a similar movement among Brexiters to get their own song “Seventeen Million F--k Offs” to number one instead?

They've won. Despite only getting about half the votes in 2016, Maximum Brexit is going ahead. But once the party's over, they still won't be happy and deep down, they know. Victory feels so much like defeat.

And among all this false revelry, there's a bunch of smug Remoaners trying to spoil the party. “They were supposed to have been defeated by now. Our victory must be total!”

And so they get a song that's literally telling remainers to f--k off to number one. Maybe that small victory on top of all their other victories will finally make them happy?

Sorry Brexiters. You lost. We all lost.

Get over it.

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