Welcome to CrankyBill.com. Because AngryBill.com was taken.

This website is where I publish my angry political stuff, but before I get all cranky about stuff, I thought I should share something positive.

Who are you?

I am...

An Earthling.
This is where I spend almost all my time. I am of Earth, first and foremost, a member of the human species.

A European.
Europe, the land of philosophy, science, history, engineering, the hub of civilization. I take pride in being part of it all. I am a citizen of the European Union and proudly advocate for continued membership.

An Englishman.
England. This nation of shop-keepers. These founders of the English Enlightenment. This island.
(I say, jolly good show, pip-pip cheerio.)

A man of Kent.
I was born south of the Medway, so that makes me a "Man of Kent" rather than a "Kentish Man". I attended The Howard School, which has a name that makes it sound a lot posher than it was.
(I'm also a little cross that "Kent" doesn't begin with an "E".)

An Engineer.
Okay, not a chartered engineer, but a software engineer. I occasionally write about it at my other blog Hackensplat Industries at Hackensplat.com.

An Epicurean.
No, I'm not a drunkard or a glutton. Epicurus was a philosopher who advocated simple pleasures as the path to happiness. To have enough to cover your needs and keep the company of genuine friends. I attribute a lot of my weight-loss to applying the Epicurean principles. (And Weight-Watchers.)

Civis Invicta, Civis Anglia, Civis Europa, Civis Terra.

What do you want?

Lots. Pick a random piece and find out.

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  1. Lovely. Can't wait to hear some cranky comments :-) all the best. Per Norrgren